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About Me

My name is Emily Johnson and I am a fourth-year History Major at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. My historical research focuses on Eastern Europe during World War II, however, my interests range from women’s history to nationalism to American ethnic newspapers. I am currently employed as an Historic Interpreter at George Washington’s boyhood home of Ferry Farm and am the Archives Intern at the Heurich House Museum for Spring 2021. In my free time, I volunteer for the NYPL Community Oral Histories project. I intend to go to graduate school to pursue a Master’s in Library Science with a concentration in Archives and Records Management. With this degree, I aspire to become an archivist who can create meaningful connections between archives and rural communities.

My senior thesis is entitled “Nation-Building in Newspapers: A Comparison of Lithuanian and Ukrainian Ethnic Newspapers in America, 1940-1953” and will be a comprehensive comparison between Lithuanian- and Ukrainian-Americans’ attempts to create national unity from abroad via ethnic newspapers. This study will include an examination on the effects of these newspapers in modern memory politics about Eastern European nationalist movements in the 1940s and early 1950s.

Research Interests

American military veterans and families

Anti-Soviet partisans on the Eastern Front of World War II

History of American education

Music history


Privacy and Outreach in archives

Rural American history

Women’s history

About this Website

This site is intended to be a miniature portfolio of my digital works and historical research.

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